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Retwisst Recycled Craft Yarns

Recycled Craft Yarns

As Retwisst, we have been united with you since 2011. Until now, we have tried to produce the best quality and useful hand craft yarns for you. We continue to strive with our R & D efforts and we are growing and renewing every day. As Retwisst, we offer you a wide range of colors as well as a wide range of products. What is the property of our Retwisst hand craft yarns? Why should you choose recycled products? What are the weights, lengths and types of yarns? With this article, we will answer all the questions in your head.

The feature of our Retwisst yarns is recycling. Everyone seems to be asking the same question; how do we get these products from recycling? Textile and fabric companies in our region, send us their production surplus which is waste fabrics. This waste comes to us as fiber or piece of fabric or RAM edge. These products are extracted and assembled in our factory. As a result of this process we create our yarns. One of the first and most important members of our family is T-shirt Yarn.

The weight of our T-shirt Yarn is variable. The reason for this variation is the type of waste fabric we recycle. The average weight of a fabric yarn ball is 650-1000gr and the length is 120-130m. We have unlimited, wide color range for recycled t-shirt yarns, but since we use waste fabrics the colors in stock changes depending on the fashion trends and seasonal colors. Because of this, we recommend you to buy the products you need while they are in stock. The same color may not come back to the stock anytime soon due to the fact that the T-Shirt Yarn is a recycled product.

Our other products are XXLace, Barbante, Macrame, Ribbon and Slim Cotton . Our XXLace yarn is a thick knitting product, obtained from recycled fibers and its weight is 250 gr. Barbante, Macrame and Ribbon yarns, are also obtained from recycled fibers and each of them weights 250 gr. The difference between Barbante and Macrame yarns is; Macrame has a more common structure, while Barbante has more stable and soft texture. Slim Cotton yarn is our lightest product with a very soft structure. The weight of our recycled slim cotton yarn is 100 gr and the length is 170 m. All of our yarn types are available in 30 different color options. You can easily find your dream color and start creating wonders. We also have fantastic new family members Macrame Mouline and Macrame Cake. Macrame cake has 5 different colors in the same roll, and allows you to get different models with very soft color transitions while knitting or crocheting without any need of changing the yarn used. There are 16 different color combination options. Macrame Mouline has two different colors in the same roll created by knitting two yarns together. There are total of 10 different color combination options. Both yarns weights 250 gr per roll.

Why Recycled Yarns Should Be Preferred?

Many chemicals are used in the manufacturing yarns. When producing our recycled products, we don’t use any chemicals or dyes. Our yarns are created through one step chemical free process. In addition, we don’t use any water during manufacturing process. By buying Retwisst yarns, you protect not only your own health, but also the world and its sources. Let's protect our nature and world all together! What are you waiting for? Let's ReTwisst!


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